MegaHire Help.
The system MegaHire provides a platform for rental companies to offer their industrial services, whereas it made easy for customers to get rental services easily anytime anywhere. Read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, please.

NOTE: Mega Hire will not be responsible for any miscommunication or inconvenient deal between two parties.


    1. Registration into the MegaHire System.
      1. You are able to register as a Normal User as well as a Company User.
      2. A Normal User is able to access and reserve the services but is not able to Rent Out any service on MegaHire.
      3. A Company User is able to access and reserve the services and is also able to Rent Out the services on MegaHire.
      4. A Normal User may SignUp through social network e-g Facebook or Google+.
      5. A Company User cannot Sign Up through the social network.
      6. While registration, you will receive an email to the email address through which you are trying to register. You may confirm the registration from that email because, without confirmation of your email ID, you will not be accepted as a member.
      7. Enjoy the services.
    2. Booking Services.
      1. You are able to see and compare all services provided by service providers around the world.
      2. You may see the prices of all services in different currencies. BUT You will be able to book the services which are provided by the companies situated in your current country only. For Example, residing in Australia, you will not be able to book a service provided by a company situated in Canada.
      3. While booking you are free to read all details about the service and the service provider before going to the final reservation
      4. You are able to select the days in which you need the service.
      5. In the next step, you may select the suitable time from the time slot.
      6. And you are done!

      You may stay in contact with your service provider through our Live Chat System.

    3. Booking Confirmation Email
        On successful service booking, you will receive a booking confirmation email by MegaHire emailing system. That email will be your real invoice. You may take out a print and use it to show while having a live deal with the service provider or keep it as a proof and record.

      1. – Booking Cancellation 
      2. You will receive a booking cancellation email if your service provider cancels an appointment or if you yourself cancel your appointment. You may contact your service provider then accordingly.

    4. Picking a Vehicle 
    5. You must have a valid driving license for the particular vehicle category. You have to show the license to your service provider in order to get a rental service. Or you may bring your machine operator or driver and show his license to the service provider.

    6. Payments
    7. You will be able to pay the dues locally only, as online payment for heavy duty and other industrial services is not a good idea where you have to decide before accepting the service.

    8. Returning a Vehicle 
    9. You must return the vehicle in its original condition. In a case of any accident or mishap, inform your service provider and their inspection team before returning the vehicle.

    10. Online Services 
    11. For any inquiry or help, you may contact our help provider at

Service Provider

  1. Registration into the MegaHire System.
    1. To register into the Mega Hire System and offer your rental and other industrial services online, you must have to Signup as a Company User.
    2. You must have to provide your exact company name as on google maps for the users to access your location easily.
    3. Add your detailed street address, phone numbers, email, social networks (if any), and your company Logo.
    4. Start offering your services.
  2. Services
    1. You can upload as many services as you want and as you can offer to your customers.
    2. You may select the category from the lists provided on Add Item page.
    3. Your service must have a meaningful name. E-g Hire a Mechanic.
    4. Add your price and price type E-g $50/Day or $50/Hour or $50/Service.
    5. Upload a meaningful and related service picture.
    6. And your service is up.
  3. Booking Services and Confirmation Email 

    You will get notified on your Company Booking page if a reservation is done by anyone. Plus, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will be your actual invoice and a proof of reservation. You may take out a print and use it as a record.You may stay in contact with your customer during reservation through our Live Chat System

  4. Booking Cancellation
  5. You will receive a booking cancellation email if your customer cancels an appointment. You may contact your customer then accordingly.